Scene 2

The PC’s get to their destination only to find that Bentreri has been killed in his room. They find the rest of their payment (500GP) on the man.

The PC’s decided to open the sealed letter:

The emblem of Mask (the lesser god) is at the center top. It reads – I have found Stealthwhisper. Your orders are to go to Yartar. Find where the keep is. I am told it is near the River Subrin. You must get to it before someone else discovers its location. The floor is hollow in the southern most room. That is where Stealthwhisper is. DO NOT FAIL!! Bring Stealthwhisper to me, we have much work to do!

The PC’s made their way to Yartar. The PC’s offered to clear the orc infested keep for the town. They found the keep and cleared the keep, along with an orc chieftain who was no easy foe. The orcs had no clue about the powerful sword beneath their feet. After defeating all enemies they searched the southern most room and discovered the hollow floor. They removed the flooring to find a dark black longsword that emanates great power.

Scene 3

Scene 2

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