Scene 4

At the end of the unintentional battle with the Yaun-Ti’s, the companions see a black shadowy figure disappear through a portal. The portal is the only way out of the lair. Once the companions come out of the portal, they appear at the entrance to the inn…right back where they started… except they are in need of good rest.

After the group rests, they receive a letter from the mayor in their home town. The letter reads:

Dear Heroes,

The Coppernight Clan has informed me that they have uncovered more information about the attack on their mining operation. The Wyrmling White Dragon was duped by a deranged duerger named Spraugh. The dragon was tricked by Spraugh into thinking that the true value of the mine lay in its ore and other material wealth. In truth, Spraugh was willing to sacrifice all of the gold in the mine for a chance at greater power through an enchanted pool in the depths of the mine. After Spraugh heard of your slaying of his Wyrmling and taking it over as your headquarters, he mounted an attack while you were gone and purged its defenses. He is now somewhere in the depths of the mine with his minions. On your behalf and of course for personal reasons, Kavalar Coppernight has mounted an attack to reclaim your headquarters and seek revenge for all his lost brethren. He was able to make some headway and set some traps but they became barricaded in themselves and are running out of food and water. The situation is desperate! Please help us!

The Mayor
of Calimport

Explain where the location is on the map. Use the Adventure Coppernight’s Salvation for this session.

Scene 5

Scene 4

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