Scene 5

The heroes find themselves in the city of Waterdeep, getting some food at the Laughing Dragon Tavern. The heroes can hear the usual music and several people are eating and drinking and having a good time. (Play tavern music) The heroes have in their possession a mighty sword called Stealthwhisper which they recovered in a town called Yartar. What will the heroes do with the mysterious powerful sword?

After the party gets a plan of action, this triggers the following:

Screams are heard out in the streets! What do you do?

Out in the street are three large spiders with dark elves as upper bodies. One of them has a little boy trapped in a corner. The boy is cowering in fear and crying. The others are chasing after other towns people.

Theses creatures are quite strong compared to the party. The party is in for a tough fight. Almost too tough. When the players are becoming overwhelmed, a figure comes in to join the battle. This helps sway the battle in the heroes favor.

The figure is a drow named Drenin. Drenin mentions something about the black sword the party is using. He says he is a sword specialist and may be able to tell them more about the sword. Drenin tells them that this sword has a sister sword. It is know to be in the Underdark in a vicious dragon’s lair. Bane is a terrible black dragon who guards his hoard of gold and wonderful magical treasures. Drenin says he can lead them there if they so choose on one condition…that they share part of the treasure hoard.

Scene 5

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